About Us

About dEgital Hub

A Revenue-Driven Digital Marketing Agency

Our Philosophy

We help our clients see differently, think differently, unlock new revenue streams, and engage with their customers in new ways through memorable brand and digital experiences.

Strategy & Teamwork

We invest fully to understand clients’ desired outcomes, whether to create brand awareness, drive engagement, or reach higher conversion, we’d build a tailored marketing program to suit.

Leveraging Cross-Platform Data

dEgital Hub data management system was designed specifically to transform complex consumer data into simple recommendations for client’s business growth.

Our Expertise

We are a Performance-Driven Digital Marketing Agency, born from technology, and experienced in digital marketing strategy planning and analysis.


By leveraging data, we gain deep insights about the specific needs of our clients’ customers in each phase of their buying journey and align digital marketing efforts to meet those needs and measure ROI (Return on Investment).


We bring our clients marketing analysis and insights that make their advertising campaigns and marketing programs more effective.

Marketing Strategic Planning
Content Management
Creative Design
Analysis & Insights

dEgital Hub – The Lead Generation Strategist

High-Quality Leads

Using our proven lead generation strategies, we’ve Generated Over 300k+ Quality Leads to help our clients’ businesses grow.

Precise Targeting

With 32+ Million Malaysia Consumer Data, you’ll reach people across all their devices with unprecedented 96% accuracy.

Real Time Conversion

Convert your web visitors or social media fans into Real Buyers, and keep them coming back again and again.

300% Campaign ROI

You focus on closing sales, we’ll focus on getting you customers. Let’s kick-start the campaign to Drives 2x to 3x ROI (Return On Investment)!

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